An embarrassment in Malaysia politics


Rude, Unlawful, Unrespectful and Uncivilized.

That all what i can describe about another tragedy during Perak State Assembly yesterday.  


No respect to the PR speaker, their statemens and even an OKU!

It was pity to see nearly 1000′ police officers tried very hard to move away a speaker from his seat rather than using that numbers fighting with millions criminals in Malaysia. 

This is what happen when some people too greedy to acquire the power and it is shame when they do not really understand their responsibility to serve for people.

What they understand about Power = _ _ _ _ _ (Fill in the blank by yourself). 

Again, the solution is clear.

Give back the authority to Perak citizens and let them choose their own state goverment


How about you guys in Dublin? 

A: Malas campur. (Hah bagusla tu. Pi dok Zimbabwe kalo macam tu)

B: Aku orang Johor. Bukan Perak. (Oh kan bagus kalau cakap “Kawan oghe Ireland bukan oghe Malaysia”)

C: Aku nak exam ni. (Tengok bola sejam setengah atau movie 3-4 jam boleh pula ye)

D: Hangpa letak alasan untuk diri sendiri yang bersikap aku tidak pedulisme. 




Aku yang bergelar rakyat negeri jiran Perak,

Dublin 8, Ireland

Dr Afiq Rahim

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